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We annually produce about 120,000 bottles on 22 hectares, focusing on the indigenous grape varieties of our region, Dolcetto, Barbera, and Nebbiolo.

From the prestigious Nebbiolo grape we produce Langhe Nebbiolo, a classic Barolo and 3 Barolo crus: Bussia, Le Coste di Monforte and Mariondino. A vineyard with the best exposure and location is named a “cru”. Even though the vinification process for these Barolos is the same, these wines show their particular characters because the grapes come from vineyards in different areas of the Barolo district.

Barbera Ornati, Barbera Superiore and Dolcetto “Piani Noce” complete our range of regional wines. The only no-typical variety we cultivate is Sauvignon Blanc, from which we obtain Langhe Bianco and Langhe Bianco “Rovella”.

Our wines are complete expressions of our terroir realized in cellar through a vinification process based on two fundamental considerations: the full maturation of grapes and the aging of the wines in contact with their natural yeasts. This last stage is essential to enrich the wine with substances and essences in a natural autolysis process.

Our careful work produces wines which combine structure and finesse with remarkable balance and elegance, resulting in beautiful, fresh, fruity wines that can be enjoyed in their youth but are also able to evolve and develop eve more complexity over the years.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items