List of products by manufacturer Orsolani

Continuous improvement of wine quality and respect of the characteristics of territory and vine is the mission of the family.

Respect for nature is the base of working, to minimize the impact on territory and safeguard health for us and for our customers. We use only organic fertilizers and low environmental impact treatments, according to EU rules.

Works in vineyards are mainly manual with little use of tractors; in the cellar the use of enological products is minimal and energy is almost fully generated by a photovoltaic station with an expected yearly reduction of CO2 emissions of 20 tons.

Orsolani's activity is devoted uniquely to the production of still and sparkling wines, from grapes almost entirely grown in their vineyards located in the best Erbaluce areas. The total output is of 150,000 bottles, 90% being Erbaluce, the beloved wine of the family. The winery is a member of the Gran Cru Committee of Italy, the association of all concerns that put attention and devotion to ones products and growing territory increase in value.

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items