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From 300m a.s.l., the farm and winery of Castellari Bergaglio overlooks the Rovereto area, with its typical reddish soil rich in clay and iron, where the noble cortese vine variety has found its ideal location, and grows abundantly.

Over ten hectares of vineyards produce grapes with a good sugar content, balanced by acidity, to make wines with a harmonious, delicate bouquet, which maintain their typical characteristics for several years.

The winery is run in the traditional way by Mario Bergaglio, his wife Vanda Castellari and their son Marco. The family supervise every phase of the winemaking process from the vineyard to vinification, using modern methods, not only to monitor their own product, but in order to enhance the heritage of Gavi itself, relaunching its unquestionable historical and cultural potential.

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  • A stylish, graceful wine, far from commonplace. The wine is very pleasant the spring after the harvest but is at its most enjoyable after a few months in the bottles. It can be kept in bottles for several years without suffering in quality

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