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Capichera's story began in the early 20th century, when the grandfather of today's owners inherited a farm of over 50 hectares, in what is now the municipality of Arzachena, in the extreme north of Sardinia: an area already famed for its suitability for winegrowing. In those days the vineyards produced just enough wine for the family, who lived in the town of Arzachena but liked to spend spring at the farm at Capichera.

In the Seventies, the father of today's owners planted new vineyards of Vermentino, the typical local grape variety, and built a modern winery for the production of high quality wines.

In 1980 the first wine was sold under the Capichera label, a Vermentino radically different from those already on the market: it was richer, more fragrant, smoother, and longer-lived than other, more important wines.

In the 1980s brothers Fabrizio and Mario began to work in the winery, and although very young invested their energy in a difficult challenge: making Capichera a leader in top quality wine production.

The original 10 hectares of vineyards have become 60 today and others are being planted; production is now around 300,000 bottles, and will increase by 80% over the next few years. The vineyards belonging to the Capichera winery are of the highest quality possible in Sardinia; this land has been well-known for centuries for its agricultural potential, which has also been confirmed by laboratory analysis. The vines are the result of scrupulous selection in Capichera and in France, by selected nursery gardens working under the supervision of the winery's own experts. Capichera's Vermentino and Carignano vineyards are - and will remain - unparalleled in quality.

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