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Don Giuseppe Cogno parish priest of Neive, together with three other vine-growers, in 1973 founded the Azienda San Michele. Neive is a village located in the central area of production of “Barbaresco”, one of the best Italian red wines.

The farm is composed of six hectares of vineyards in the crus Gallina, Cottà and Gaia ever since considered as the noblest in the area.

The Azienda San Michele, by will of the dead priest, his founder, is the direct heir and follower of the quality policy of the cellar of the Parson in Neive, well known both in Italy an abroad for the nobility of the wines produced and for the best relation between quality price.

The cellar of the Parson in Neive ceased to exist with the death of the Parson, his founder. In fact the Azienda San Michele, as well as the cellar of the Parson in Neive, has ever since the foundation followed the same obyectives: even in the past when the matter wasn’t so economically rewarding.

The business management is work of the President Cavallo Franco with the partners Lessio Renato, Nebiolo Mauro and his wife Franca for the vineyards; the oenologist Cavallo Claudio for the wine cellar; dr. Cogno Achille, the dead parish priest’s brother, for the customer care.

The small productions per hectare, the vineyards’ position, the cultivation and wine-making techniques, up-to-date with the technological progress but keeping the tradition, the adhesion to the EEC regulations for the driven and biological struggle, guarantee the healthiness and excellence of our wines.

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