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The Arlunno family has lived in Ghemme, Northern Piedmont, since the late fifteenth century and its farms have been passing down from generation to generation, along with a respect for the land and a strong partnership with wine.

When the Ghemme area was given the D.O.C. appellation in 1969, the family re-planted the old vineyards, extended the land planted under vineyards and built a new cellar. It was a somewhat risky move at a time when there was not a great demand for Nebbiolo wine, except in a very few areas. However, Alberto Arlunno, who has been running the firm since 1981, has always had an unshakable faith in his native territory, which in fact had enjoyed a vast and well-deserved fame in the past. Many people have spent words of praise on these lands and their products, from Pliny the Elder to Stendhal, from Antonio Fogazzaro to Mario Soldati.

Nowadays the mineralogical complexity of the Ghemme terroir is thought to be extraordinary with its African, European and oceanic components, deep terrestrial crust and rocks from the Valsesian supervolcano. The area forms part of the Sesia Val Grande Global Geopark, inscribed in the UNESCO lists as a site of universal value and exceptional for its scientific aspects.

The wines grown here have their own distinctive personality, as they are more full-bodied than those produced by Gattinara’s neighbours; they are perhaps slightly more tannic and slower to evolve, but generous and solid when well matured.

Cantalupo offers several different Ghemme wines: Cantalupo Anno Primo; the selection aged in barrels, Collis Carellae; Collis Breclemae, perhaps the best known wine of the appellation; Signore di Bayard, with a more international style and aged in barrique. It also offers fresher and more fruity wines like Carolus, Il Mimo, Primigenia, VillaHorta and Agamium. Although much of the production is produced from the Nebbiolo vines, there is still great interest in the native Vespolina, as well as in the Greco di Ghemme.

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Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items