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I like to think every wine has a story to tell. Every wine is able to express the joys and the difficulties of that vintage, but above all, I wish each wine bring the identity of the earth from which it comes.

My name is Alberto Burzi and a great passion for wine and for the land where I was born has brought me to start my activity of winemaker in La Morra, in the heart of Barolo area.

I'm back on the footsteps of my grandparents, the roots of my family, and I grow and take care of historic vineyards in the most prestigious cru of Barolo.

My aim is to make wines able to represent the bond between land and vine, and whose elegance can dominate the power of tannin.

Making a great wine for me is the result of a close attention in the utmost respect for nature, in the care of the vineyard and in the cellar management.

In short, when I drink a glass of Barolo, I would like it to taste as Barolo, Langhe, La Morra.

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items