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Heirs of a dynasty of winegrowers in Erbusco since 1793, our family started facing the modern Franciacorta wine scene around 1980, when the current owners G. Agostino Uberti and his wife Eleonora, now joined by daughters Silvia and Francesca, took over  the leadership of the company.

At that time, Franciacorta was not yet become the wine area now celebrated as one of the best classic method sparkling wine-producing areas and in those days our little production company had approximately 9 hectares of vineyard. Currently, our vineyard area, following the acquisitions of well exposed new lands, has reached 26 hectares.

Today our production is about 180,000 bottles, divided into Franciacorta and Curtefranca doc wines.

Our vineyards are located in beautiful and well exposed places, with draining and rocky lands; we do not use herbicides or chemical fertilizers, the inter-row work is done by machine and by hand, we make a three-year fertilization with natural fertilizer (manure); the treatments are distributed as few times as possible and with products suitable for the preservation and respect for the environment, hoping of course in a favorable climate.

The vinification takes place in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks, barrels, and starting from some years ago we have also included the use of conical oak barrels of 32 Hl each.

Since our Franciacorta is bottled for secondary fermentation in bottles, it spends a period ranging from 30 - 60 to 72 months on the lees; after the riddling operation, still done on the classical racks, we proceed to disgorgement. From this point there is a further aging period of 6 - 12 months before release.

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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items