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The winery was founded in 1912 by Giuseppe Chionetti, grandfather of the current owner, Quinto Chionetti. The area of the vineyards is 15 hectares, giving a total production of around 85,000 per year. The Chionetti winery seeks to combine a vine coltivation respecting nature and careful selection of grapes (by thinning the plants) with a wine making process that takes advantage of the latest oenological tchnology.

Winemaking Techniques

The grapes are selected, picked and crated by hand, then immediately taken to then winery. There, the grapes are separated from their stems and pressed gently. The fermentative maceration together with the skins takes place in steel tanks, at a controlled temperature of not more than 29-30 °C for a period of 10-15 days. During fermentation daily pumpings are carried out.

Racking is done when the sugars are spent; afterwards the wine is decanted several times in order to eliminate yeast cells and other substances that settle on the bottom of the tank and to avoid possible smells. The second fermentation – malolactic (trasformation of malic acid into lactic acid with consequent softening of the wine) – always takes place in steel thanks for about 30 days. Decanting and ageing in steel four about 11 months follow.

Filters are not used and the wine naturally stabilized by cooling, thus provoking tartaric precipitate. Selected yeasts are not used.

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items